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MAX webinarer

Webinar på MAX Service Desk: Highlights & Best practice!

Onsdag 30. september kl 15.00 arrangerer vi et praktisk webinar rettet mot MAX Service Desk. Scott Schields vil sammen med Sabina gå gjennom aktuelle nyheter i Service Desk samt «best practice» for en rekke oppgaver. Passer for alle eksisterende brukere av systemet, enten de er erfarne eller nye. For de som ikke har brukt systemet, men vurderer det, så er det også en glimrende anledning til å stifte nærmere bekjentskap med muligheter.

Avsluttes med en åpen Q&A sesjon: Her får du stille spørsmål om ulike problemstillinger berører deg

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Webinarer i regi LogicNow:

Don’t miss our webinars this month

Learn how to offer reliable backup – MAX Backup’s hybrid cloud backup & recovery solution addresses the challenges around protecting and recovering data by using both cloud and onsite storage, backing up data in minutes, not hours and recovering anything anytime, anywhere. Read more.



Tuesday 11am EDT

| 4pm BST

LOGICcards is the world’s first RMM notification system to be driven by machine learning. It is specifically designed to give MSPs and IT service providers a powerful competitive advantage. Not only is this a major enhancement to the MAX RM platform, it’s an industry first that will fundamentally change the way in which you deliver services to your clients! Read more.




10am BST

Learn about ServiceDesk voice and all the new useful features ServiceDesk offers that can improve your business processes. Read more.




11am EDT

| 4pm BST

Hosted by: Terry Hedden, CEO and Founder of Marketopia and Nadia Karatsoreos, Community Manager at LOGICNow.

We’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you sell more ultra-profitable and predictable Managed IT and Cloud opportunities. Read more.




11am EDT

| 4pm BST

Join Ron Bush and learn how to protect your clients and their company’s data through best practices.

We will cover 3 pieces of an infosec policy,

risk assessment management and

things you can do! Read more.




11am EDT

| 3pm BST

In just one hour you can learn how to operate and manage MAX Backup. We’ll cover the basics behind setting up MAX Backup, the technologies behind it and how to get the best out of this product for your business and for your customers. Read more.